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About Us

My name is Megan Agnew, my husband Taylor and I have two beautiful children - Kendall and Sully. We moved to Wadena August of 2020 from the Twin Cities; we wanted a different lifestyle than what we were living at the time and God brought us here.

Taylor is an elementary teacher at Verndale Area Christian Academy. I (Megan) have many years experience working wtih little ones in education and ministry.

The beginning of 2019 I sustained a traumatic brain injury that took me out of work indefintely. I worked hard in therapies and recovery but brain injuries are unpredictable. I had gotten to a place in healing that I could go on disability but I refused the label. I opened my first business in November of 2019, it was literally something that my care team helped to integrate into my rehab.

The beginning of 2022 God put it on my heart to open a play cafe and here we are!!

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